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Home/About: About this endpoint

This endpoint runs on Oscean.
It has a logging system.

This project is to act as a personal assistant to help with the management of a repository of recorded statistics which currently include 47 daily logs, recorded on 57 projects, spanning over 666 topics.

Oscean is designed to be flexible as so to adapt to our needs as we change, and to technology as it evolves, while remaining maintainable by not only myself, but others.

Each part of this project should aim to persist across technological Long Term, not one part of it should be prebuilt, precompiled, or minified — Every method should be specific, unobfuscated, and each one carefully chosen against general-purpose libraries, frameworks or wasteful foreign entities.

Using this tool should be frictionless and undisruptive, its formats and subsequent products versionable, re-purposable, interpretable and text-editable. Only through open sources, open standards, human-readable formats and their independencies, might they survive this fleeting age of self-destructing informatics.

These attributes should not only be perceptible in its design,
but deeply rooted in its code.


Wisdom/Action: A collection of notes in regard to action.

Ahimsa, or Cause no injury, do no harm, is a Buddhist concept referred to as nonviolence, and it applies to all living beings—including all animals.


Research/Archives: Nothing to see here.

Discarded pages end up here.


Illustration/Artwork(jpg): Digital 2D illustration created for various projects.

Artwork 3d

Illustration/Artwork 3d(jpg): Digital 3D models and texturing for various projects.


Home/Audio: The Audio index contains music & audio projects and references.

Welcome to the Audio index.

Software - Ableton, Serum

Hardware - OP-1, Pocket Operators

Digital/Analog - Drums, Piano, Guitar, Ukelele, Cello


Horaire/Calendar: The Calendar shows upcoming events.


Inventory/Camera: The Camera specs.


Travel/Canada(jpg)[18E14-18E14]: Places visited in Canada, which is now my home.


Words/Code: Writing on code and technologies.

Content is located at my existing blog till I can migrate.

View code blog.


Oscean/Curlic: Curlic is the second of the Oscean templating formats.

Curlic is a second order templating language operating directly on strings wrapped within curlies.

The templated strings are wrapped within curlies. To learn more about the λ block, see Heol.

  • {(About)} About
  • {Google(https://google.com)} Google
  • {*bold*} bold
  • {_italic_} italic
  • {λ(add 5 5)}


    Time/Desamber: Desamber is a Date format.

    The Desamber Calendar has of each.

    The 365th day of the year is the Year Day, preceded by the Leap Day on leap years. Each month has of , and each month's name is one of the 26 letters of the alphabet.



    Audio/Errent(jpg)[01+01-01+01]: Errent is a detailed dichotomist duo. An audio project with mohu


    Words/Fiction: Writing for the mind.


    Horaire/Forecast: The Horaire Forecast is a prediction toolkit.

    The Forecast toolkit generates optimal task prediction based on recorded biorhythms.

    It works by finding an optimal sector for each upcoming day, based on previous sector balance data, which is then converted into the next priority task for that sector.

    Creating a dynamic calendar that responds to the biorhythms, the forecast system is currently used in the Calendar.


    Home/Games(jpg)[15Y14-18B10]: The Games index contains past & present games I've worked on.

    Welcome to the Games index.

    Games I'm currently working on.

    Available games & collaborations

    Help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain in this super-tight, hand-crafted platformer. I did 3D lighting for the mountain, found in Visual.

    Sky Rogue is a fwooshy rogue-lite action flight simulator.
    I did the writing for lore and items.

    A tiny puzzle that grows on you.
    I ported the official Threes to web using my game engine, luxe.

    Drifter is an open-world sandbox space trading game in Early Access.
    I did art, audio, and some design & code.

    Solve your way through over a hundred levels of complex combinatoric conundrums. I created the soundtrack, found in Audio. I made the game engine, luxe, and helped Benn ship the game.

    A game about censorship, corruption and newspapers.
    I made the game engine, luxe, and helped the developers ship on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux.

    Hiversaires is a textless point-n-click game. Ported the original to Android (released 13J01) and later desktop (unreleased).

    Older games or projects


    Oscean/Heol: Heol is a LISP library for inline scripting.

    Heol is an inline scripting library that allows to add dynamic content to the wiki pages.

    For a time, Oscean used templates, but templates have been replaced by Heol.

  • λ (add 5 5) Print 10.
  • λ (echo :children) Print a term's children.
  • λ (echo (template :children INDEX)) Print a term's children(templated).
  • Or for more complex things..
  • λ (echo (match (table "glossary") ("books" "movies" "albums" "games")))
  • Home

    Home/Home(jpg): access  endpoint:

    About this endpoint



    Nataniev/Horaire[19A01-19A01]: Horaire is a time-tracking tool.

    Daily productivity logs are recorded at the {end of each day, adding valuable data to projects.

    Horaire is the time-tracking engine behind the Oscean wiki engine, it is designed to record and host human-readable daily logs that can easily be parsed into infographics. The log contains 3 numbers, effectively positioning the entry on a 3 dimensional graph.

    A task name can be generated from the intersection of the Sector(Sh), and of the Concrete Hour(Ch). For instance, the "Horaire Code" can be converted into the task storyboard for 80% of the available time of that day.

    Audio Visual Research
    audio experimentvisual experimentcode experiment
    sound designgraphic designinteraction design
    audio releasevisual releasesoftware release

    Additional values can be infered from collecting multiple logs,
    here are a few:

  • productivity: ch-fh
  • focus: ((fh+ch)/2)/topics
  • effectiveness: avrg(fh)/topics
  • efficiency: avrg(ch)/topics
  • balance: med(audio+visual+research)/3
  • stamina: productivity.week/avrg(productivity.weekly)
  • Illustration

    Visual/Illustration: A collection of illustrations in different mediums.

    The Illustration portal forks into the worlds.


    Wisdom/Inaction: A collection of notes in regard to inaction.

    Wu Wei means without doing, causing, or making. It flows like water, reflects like a mirror, and responds like an echo.


    Oscean/Indental: Indental is one of the Oscean database formats.

    Indental is a character sensitive dictionary database format.

    The parser is a mere 50 lines, and allows for human-readable data structures for static sites such as Oscean, also see Tablatal.

  • NAME
  •   KEY : VALUE
  •   LIST
  •     ITEM1
  •     ITEM2
  • Inventory

    Underscorediscovery/Inventory: The collection of techincal details on the Inventory.

    Some of the items I carry around with me in my travels.


    Horaire/Journal: The Journal shows recent activity.


    Games/Kinesea(jpg)[19A01-19A04]: Explore an abandoned science facility through simulated spatial technology.

    connection unstable...

    please slow down.


    Mirrors/Knowledge: A collection of notes on general Knowledge.

    The knowledge portal serves as a clipboard, a place to collect various bits of knowledge from various books and their authors.


    About/License: The code and content License.

    The platform code of Oscean is under the MIT License.

    The license applies to all the documented projects, the projects themselves and their assets.

    The media and text content is under the BY-NC-SA 4.0 License.

  • You are free to

  • - Share: copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format.
  • - Adapt: remix, transform, and build upon the material.

  • Under the following terms

  • - Attribution: You must give appropriate credit.
  • - NonCommercial: You may not use the material for commercial purposes.
  • - ShareAlike: You must distribute your contributions under the same license.
  • If you have any question or feedback, please submit a bug report.


    Home/Life(jpg)[13E10-18O14]: The Life index contains experiences, like travel & change.

    Welcome to the Life index.


    Tools/Luxe(jpg)[18F06-18Z14]: luxe is a cross platform game engine for building games and tools.


    visit luxeengine.com

    luxe is a lovingly hand crafted cross platform game engine for making games, and tools to make games. It is made with a strong design philosophy and a core pillar of “tools, not features”.

    With strong 2D support, a modern rendering architecture, portability and modularity at heart: the engine is designed around “game specifics” being critical to workflow.

    luxe is made to be accessible to new and experienced developers, using the Wren scripting language, however any language can be used later.


    Games/Meandery(jpg)[17I04-19A04]: Explore a deserted island where language was lost.

    A language once lived here

    You're dropped off on a scarcely documented island, time escapes you as you navigate the arcane and unfamiliar ruins.

    A space where technology and organic overlap in a disingenous union, you try to make sense of what came before. You use a language you know as a guide, uncovering the secrets of a complex people.



    Webring/Merveilles: Merveilles is a community of artists and developers.

    The Merveilles community is a culture that seeks augmentation through the arts of engineering and design.

    We exist as a group, informally across multiple social platforms, the main hub being the Town Of Merveilles.


    Research/Mirrors: The collection of Mirrors.

    The mirrors are collected notes on the topics of knowledge and wisdom.


    Fiction/Moments[15G11-15G11]: Prose Poetry about Moments


    The eyes opened, chased skyward in a flash of black and white, then snapped back into a mesmerizing gaze. They held me, capturing my transfixed face. I couldn't resist, I couldn't get away.

    The pupils spun around, circles? spheres? Angular forms - unworthy of such primitive words. I couldn't describe, I couldn't speak.

    This geometry consumed me. Impossible shapes conjuring my memories in impossible ways. Is it taking my essence, my lifetime, my seconds - the thief of moments? I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe.

    I try to blink but my senses become shrouded. I feel the sound of noise, rushing, crashing into my core. My eyes awaken burning, just a glimpse, a view of the world I called home. But nothing. I couldn't see, I couldn't know if it was over.

    My body falls, lifeless. My mind reeling, alive.
    My body feels gone. I don't, I no longer feel.

    Breaches of sanity, an invalid being, my existence consumed. I struggle to open my mind. What have I created? The sights and sounds of worlds colliding but I had no senses to consume this. Am I doing this? I am consuming them now. Was I consumed?

    Slow motion, briefly enraptured by structures infinite in every direction. Dark passages, impossible spaces.

    My mind fails to connect - reality startles me. My moments are gone. I have no past, here. Briefly, I am an impossible moment. I created this, I know now, the transfer failed.

    The moment fades.

    I couldn't return, I couldn't exist.
    I don't return, I don't exist.


    Games/Mystery(jpg)[18A01-18A01]: An unannounced project with an unannounced studio.


    unfortunately that's all I can say at this time!

    < Games


    Software/Nataniev: Nataniev is an ecosystem of exocortex tools.

    Nataniev is a collection of free and open-source software following a singular design philosophy, and Aesthetics.


    Time/Neralie: Neralie is a Time format.

    This decimal clock has two groups of 3 digits, called the beat and the pulse, a beat is 1000 pulses.

    A second is equivalent to , and a beat is equivalent to . The shortest pulse equals to , the second shortest and so on.

    Noon is 500:000,
    is 250:000
    and is 750:000.

    Operator Overload Ost

    Errent/Operator Overload Ost(jpg)[17R06-17R06]: An original soundtrack for the game Operator Overload.

    available on bandcamp

    made with ableton live intro & serum

    Tracks were made in chunks to be used with structured randomization in game. These limitations made for an interesting challenge.

    The abstract puzzle game and visual style meant a strong focus on background and ambience with moments leaking forward to get noticed.

    One track was shaped to fit the trailer as well, see the end of this page.

    Trailer tailored track


    Nataniev/Oscean[19A01-19A04]: Oscean is a flat-file wiki engine by Devine Lu Linvega.

    Oscean is a fully static publishing platform created to work in the P2P space, created by Devine Lu Linvega

    This wiki engine has grown into a collection of tools, including the serverless flow-based framework Riven, and the database formats Indental & Tablatal.

    The following example shows the content of an Indental file, with a body array attribute templated with Runic, which includes a link declared in Curlic, followed by a Heol block.

  • # lexicon.ndtl
  • HOME
  •   BREF : A basic term.
  •   TAGS : diary gallery
  •   BODY
  •     & Foo {Bar(Hello World)}.
  •     λ (echo :children)
  • Photography

    Visual/Photography: The Photography index collates a few photography endpoints.


    The Life index has a Travel index, and other photos from life experiences.

    Currently most photos are hosted elsewhere.
    There are some tags below, or view all or older

    View outdoor collection

    View black and white collection

    Canon EOS M


    Random/Random: Welcome to the redirection services.

    Sending you to a random page, please hold...


    Home/Research: The Research index hosts various experimental projects.

    Welcome to the Research index


    Oscean/Riven: Riven is a flow-based framework.

    The Riven framework handles the creation of nodes and the communication between them.

    Riven now exists at the core of Oscean, but was originally developed for the creation of serverless websites such as Grimgrains, Wiktopher, and Rekka's website.

  • Ø("query").create(x:2,y:2,QueryNode) # Create a node
  • Ø("query").connect("model") # Connect
  • Ø("query").send(true) # Send a message to the model node.
  • Runic

    Oscean/Runic: Runic is the first of the Oscean templating formats.

    Runic is a first order templating language operating on arrays of strings

    Where each one is prefixed by a rune, giving a sense of the data being handled. Have a look at the Oscean Lexicon to better understand its applications.

  • * Header
  • & Paragraph
  • - List Element 1
  • - List Element 2
  • | table | row1
  • | table | row2
  • # -- CODE BLOCK
  • > -- HTML BLOCK
  • λ -- HEOL BLOCK
  • Sketchbook

    Illustration/Sketchbook: Analog Illustrations from a physical sketchbook.

    Always carry some sort of notebook.


    Research/Software: The Software Portal is a collection of interactive applications.

    The Software archive is a collection of Free & Open-source projects.

    These projects were made possible by the help of countless developers who fixed issues, submitted pull requests and spent time improving the code.


    Oscean/Tablatal: Tablatal is one of the Oscean database formats.

    Tablatal is a space sensitive list database format, for fields of predictible length.

    The parser is 40 lines long, and allows for human-readable data structures for static sites such as Oscean, also see Indental.

  • Erica 12 Opal
  • Alex 23 Cyan
  • Nike 34 Red
  • Ruca 45 Grey
  • Or, [{name:Erica,Age:12,Color:Blue},{name:Alex,Age..}
  • Thoughts

    Words/Thoughts: Thoughts and musings which don't fit under code or fiction.


    Nataniev/Time: Documentation on the different time formats.


    Home/Tools: The Tools index contains tools to create games and personal tools.


    luxe is a lovingly hand crafted cross platform game engine for making games, and tools to make games. It is made with a strong design philosophy and a core pillar of “tools, not features”.

    You can find code examples, tutorials, and more on my github page.

    snõwkit is a collective around tools for the Haxe programming language.


    Horaire/Tracker: The Tracker shows issues and balance.


    Life/Travel: Various trips and places of interest.


    Home/Underscorediscovery: underscorediscovery is a :todo:.

    Populating this wiki with notes on Devine hope to inspire visitors to learn and to travel.

    They currently live on a sailboat by the coast of Majuro, on their way back to Japan — You can follow their position here.

  • & Get in touch via email at aliceffekt@gmail.com, or
    on the fediverse at merveilles.town/@neauoire.
  • @ To flee is Life,
    To linger, Death.
  • Unreleased

    Archives/Unreleased: A list of Unreleased projects.


    Home/Visual: The Visual index contains art, visual design and photography.

    Welcome to the Visual index.


    Nataniev/Webring: The Webring, like it's the 2000s.

    The webring is a directory of neighbor websites and portfolios.

    The webring is an attempt to inspire artists and developers to create and maintain their own personal website, and share traffic organically among each other. The ring's aim is to promote the creation of hand crafted diaries, wikis, bookmarks and portfolios.

    You can view the full directory here, or more info on how to join the network here. To navigate the webring, start here.


    Mirrors/Wisdom: A collection of notes on Wisdom.

    The end of the cycle is that of the independent, clear-minded, all-seeing Child. That is the level known as wisdom.

    To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity, and trust.


    Home/Words: The Words index contains writing on Code, Fiction and Thoughts.